Design should not only focus on solving problems within a project but should also be conscious of its impact on the world; both in materials used and in society. I believe that it is my responsibility as a modern designer to consider how all aspects of my work can be both durable and environmentally conscious. The end result of any product should have lasting impressions on society but with reduced consumption and environmentally conscious efforts.
I have honed my skills through my bachelor of fine arts degree received from the Iowa State University College of Design as well as by working closely with clients in professional design. I enjoy working collaboratively with individual clients, on a team, or as a business partner to find the best solution to fit each design challenge.
With a holistic understanding of the design process and experience in a variety of mediums including digital art, screen printing, blacksmithing, woodwork, and photography, my ability to see the world from a wide range of design perspectives enables me to leverage this knowledge to deliver unique solutions. This has also enabled me to see problems my clients did not realize they even had, and quickly find solutions.
I am always open to having a conversation about design and how it impacts our world. And I love being a part of new projects and opportunities that have unique design problems to investigate and solve. If you enjoy my work and think that there is something I can help you with, please feel free to get in contact with me!
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